Twitch 'Stream First' games will introduce multiplayer for both Twitch broadcasters and viewers

Twitch is taking broadcasting games to its next logical step by introducing games built from the ground-up to engage both Twitch broadcasters and their viewers. These are Stream First games.


In addition to allowing users to broadcast their gameplay to viewers around the world, Twitch has also become an integral part of game development itself. Several games have either featured Twitch in some capacity, whether it's through sharing functions, community functions, or even through the very process of marketing, like with Punch Club. Today, Twitch is going a step further by announcing the new 'Stream First' game design initiative.

Stream First games will be built from the ground-up with the express purpose of community interaction and audience participation. Several game developers and studios are jumping on board with Stream First games and will receive special development tools from Twitch to aid in their development. The following games have been announced for the Stream First initiative:

  • Superfight: Superfight is an argument game from developer Pipeworks and publisher 505 Games, based on the popular card game of the same name. Players will create whacked-out hypothetical fights between super-powered characters and the problems they encounter. As players put forth their arguments, the audience in Twitch chat can vote and determine the winner. This game will feature four-way live video for full-blown debates, along with integrated Twitch streaming features. Sign-ups for the beta are open now on the Superfight website, where anyone that signs up can pick up a free deck.
  • Wastelanders: Schell Games is the developer behind this turn-based strategy game. Twitch broadcasters control a Warlord in a dystopian wasteland and lead their armies into battle with one another for supremacy. Twitch viewers can play along by controlling one of the Warlord's minions, as well as by setting bounties on opposing warriors. Dedicated participants can be rewarded additional players by the Twitch broadcaster.
  • Streamline: This party game is from the folks at Proletariat Games. Twitch broadcasters and up to 15 viewers can play different game modes. One example is a cat and mouse mode that sees the Twitch broadcaster chasing down the viewer participants. Other viewers can participate, as well, by sponsoring runners, changing the game's rules, or participating in other mini-games through a second screen experience.

This is just the beginning for Stream First, which Twitch and parent company Amazon are banking on as a new major tool for game developers. Those looking to learn more can visit the Twitch Dev website.

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