Heroes of the Dorm field of 64 does battle next week; Bracket Challenge now open

The final field of 64 for this year's Heroes of the Dorm collegiate tournament for Heroes of the Storm is set to kick off next week. And if you've ever invested any time failing hard on a March Madness bracket, why not fail hard on a Heroes of the Dorm bracket with the Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge?


For the second year of Heroes of the Dorm, it's all come down to this. Those that tuned into today's Bracket Reveal show on ESPNU saw the reveal of the final field of 64 collegiate teams set to do battle in the Nexus. The ultimate goal will be to make it to the Heroic Four and emerge as the last team standing, winning the lion's share of $500,000 worth of college scholarships. This year's #1 seeded teams include Waterloo's Alexa, University of Texas - Arlington's Dark Blaze, University of Connecticut's Tricky Turtles, and Arizona State University's Real Dream Team. The Cal Berkeley Golden Mishas will be seeded #2 out of the C Bracket and will be looking to defend their inaugural Heroes of the Dorm championship from last year.

While last year's Heroic Four took place in Los Angeles, CA, this year's venue will see Heroes of the Storm takes its collegiate finals to Seattle, WA, which is rapidly becoming the MOBA capital of the United States. The final weekend of competition will take place on the weekend of April 9-10 from the CenturyLink Field Event Center and will be broadcast live on ESPN2. Those looking to attend live can pick up general admission for free, but those looking for a little something extra will be able to purchase $15 premium tickets from Ticketmaster. This ticket will include priority venue access, a Hero skin, and a Heroes of the Dorm T-shirt. Those live in attendance will also be eligible for special prizes, like hardware bundles or special Azmodunk bundles. (Oh, have we neglected to mention that Azmodan is getting a special basketball-themed legendary skin? Silly us! Check out that video below!)

While all the pressure will be on the field of competitors, those at home can also play along at home with the first ever Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge. That's right, those that have ever filled out a March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament bracket and fallen on their face now have the opportunity to fill out a Heroes of the Dorm tournament bracket and fall on their face. The top bracket will get a $10,000 grand prize, but just getting into the top 500 brackets will earn a special Azmodan bundle with the Azmodunk skin. Fill out your brackets on the Heroes of the Storm website.

The field of 64 for Heroes of the Dorm will begin next week on March 19 at 10AM ET/7AM PT and can be seen on ESPN3, Twitch, and YouTube. For more, be sure to check out the full video below.

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