Shack Reels: Flying Into the Danger Zone with Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress' New Wingsuit

Just Cause 3 is offering more chances to wreak havoc on Medici with a whole new Wingsuit for Rico. To offer up an idea of how it'll look in action, Shacknews has over 20 minutes of exclusive video footage.


Just Cause 3's upcoming Sky Fortress DLC is set to amplify the game's destructive experience that much more. As one YouTube comment eloquently put it, it's basically taking something that's on steroids and giving it more steroids. And nothing illustrates the upcoming experience more than Rico's new Bavarium Wingsuit.

As noted earlier today, Rico's Wingsuit essentially turns him into a human fighter jet. He can not only glide and boost around the map, but he can also defend himself against hostiles with a machine gun and missile launcher strapped to his back. Of course, he can also use those tools for wanton destruction. Let's check out a demonstration below.

If playing around on Medici proves dull, there's also the flying fortress hovering overhead. This makes up much of the story content of the Sky Fortress DLC, packing in liberation missions and side challenges. Also, it's loaded with automated defenses. The video below shows off some of those missions, as well as the carrier's numerous hostile enemy types. Fortunately, the Wingsuit isn't all Rico can use to defend himself. Keep watching to also see the new Eviction Drone in action.

For more on Just Cause 3's upcoming Sky Fortress DLC, be sure to read up on our preview from earlier today. And for more content like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube.

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