Punch Club prepares to unleash the 'Dark Fist' as it passes $2M in sales

It sounded crazy for Punch Club to base its release around a Twitch Plays campaign, but it turned out to be crazy like a fox, because it's passed $2M in sales in less than two months. To celebrate, a new expansion is on its way, as are some new features.


Punch Club was an unconventional game, in terms of its unique marketing approach, but as time goes on, it's starting to look like a major success for publisher tinyBuild and developer Lazy Bear Games. This morning, they announced that Punch Club has surpassed over $2 million in sales across PC, iOS, and Android in less than two months. To celebrate, a free expansion is on its way.

Punch Club: The Dark Fist will introduce a whole new story, where the main character finds a suitcase that points to all of the crime in the city. Using his brawny fighting prowess, he dons a mask to fight crime as a superhero. (Though think less Batman, and more... Phoenix Jones.) In addition to a three-hour story, the Dark Fist update will introduce cross-platform saves and Twitch integration, the latter of which will allow users to place bets during fights. Spoils from those bets can be used for unspecified rewards.

Punch Club's story is unique in that this self-described 'boxing tycoon management' game first debuted as part of a Twitch Plays channel. The game's Steam listing would only become active on the condition that the Twitch community could complete the game. For those unfamiliar with Punch Club, this is the game where players must train a boxer to help avenge his father's death. Training this fighter involves managing the various aspects of his daily life, while selecting different fighting styles and diving down different story branches.

Punch Club: The Dark Fist will hit Steam on March 8, while it reaches mobile devices on March 10.

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