Paragon gameplay trailer rushes the core

The latest trailer for Paragon shows off some more gameplay to demonstrate how Epic's take on the MOBA genre won't be a standard one.


Epic Games has been busy continuing to prepare its take on the MOBA genre, Paragon, and a new video is illustrating just how these multiplayer matches will look. To given an indication, it doesn't appear to be a standard entry to the genre.

No, the "Rush the Core" trailer released today (one of the first gameplay videos released since PlayStation Experience) makes Paragon look more like a third-person shooter that's centered around MOBA mechanics. Characters Sparrow and Gideon can be seen utilizing their unique skills to rush the enemy core while they face opposition from Dekker, Steel, and Grux. Their unique abilities can be seen on display throughout the video, including a cool-looking Black Hole move from Gideon that subdues a few of his opponents.

Catch the full trailer below. Paragon is set to enter an early access period this spring, while an open beta is expected this summer. Look for the game to hit PC and PlayStation 4 in full sometime in 2016.

In other news from Epic, the developer has announced that it will be issuing another round of educational dev grants this week. That will bring the total issued by the Unreal Dev Grants initiative to $100,000. Among the recipients are ShooterTutorial developer Andrzej Koloska, Game Gen co-founder Nick Marks, and the creators of the LayoutVR program. Find the full list of grant winners on the Unreal Engine website.

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    February 18, 2016 5:23 PM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Paragon gameplay trailer rushes the core

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      February 19, 2016 7:03 PM

      Holy shit that looks awesome, I want to buy and play the hell out of this! UE4 looks incredible, and every Unreal Engine has always had great performance for the visuals. This company has (since Unreal) been mostly Engine first, game second, but this game might just put a very nice new coat of paint (and physics, lighting, performence, etc.) into a maturing but graphically unimpressive gametype.

      P.S. Anyone else besides me recall the days they were called Epic Mega Games?

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