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Dying Light will receive support and new content through the end of 2016

Techland is not ready to walk away from Dying Light yet, with the developer feeling heartened by the positive reception for The Following.


Given the scope that it aimed for with its first expansion, it would have made sense for the folks at Techland to add the Following expansion to Dying Light and call it a day. But it turns out that the developer isn't ready to call it quits with their open-world zombie survival shooter just yet. Today, Techland announced that it would continue supporting Dying Light for the remainder of the year and potentiall beyond.

"To make sure that every new or veteran player gets all the fun they deserve, we have decided to continue our support for Dying Light at least till the end of this year," stated CEO Pawel Marchewka in an open letter sent via press release. "We are already working on new unannounced content, so stay tuned for our future news."

Techland is continuing to solicit player feedback through all of its social media channels, particularly since the developer is still leaving room to start all-new Dying Light content from scratch. For those that have yet to jump aboard this survival effort, Techland has put together a new trailer that can be seen below.

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