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Street Fighter 5 launch party featuring Lupe Fiasco vs. Daigo Umehara begins tonight at 5PM PT

Tonight's Street Fighter V launch party is going to feature a very special one-on-one between one of the best Street Fighter players in the world and one of the best rappers in the world.


Today has been a Street Fighter kind of day here at Shacknews, but the festivities for Capcom's next fighter are just beginning. Tonight will see the game get its launch party, live from the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco, CA. This is the frequent home of weekly fighting game tournmanets from Showdown Entertainment, but tonight, it will play host to the Street Fighter V launch and a very special exhibition match.

Those that have followed the competitive side of Street Fighter may have noticed that Twitter was throwing out these hypothetical ideas for rapper Lupe Fiasco to step into the arena with one of the Fighting Game Community's best. That challenge has been accepted and tonight, Mr. Fiasco will go one-on-one with legendary competitor Daigo 'The Best' Umehara.

According to Capcom-Unity, the full event will be broadcast live on the main Twitch channel, which has helpfully been embedded below. The undercard will begin tonight at 6PM PT, while the Lupe vs. Daigo exhibition is expected to run from 7:45PM through 8:15PM PT, at which point the stream will end and everyone in attendance can go pick up their copy of the game.

Catch the full stream below.

Watch live video from Twitch on

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