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World of Warcraft: Legion will debut the 'Maw of Souls' on Twitch today

Clearly, not all of the World of Warcraft: Legion content has been made available in the expansion's alpha. With that said, a new piece of content is seeing the light of day today via a Twitch broadcast.


As part of its continuing 25th anniversary, Blizzard is preparing to deploy the next major expansion for World of Warcraft. And as one might expect, the development team has not played all of its cards for World of Warcraft: Legion's playable alpha. There's still new content that's yet to be seen and it looks like another piece of the curtain is getting pulled back today.

The details are all over on Today will see two teams of World of Warcraft streamers attempt to run through an all-new dungeon called the Maw of Souls. Details on this dungeons have not been revealed, which means it'll also be a surprise to European streamers Treckie, Bellular, Qelric, and Alex & Loz of Fatboss TV, as well as the North American tandem of Towelliee, Killars, Monkioh, and Tattva & Tov of Line of Sight Gaming.

In addition to that, they'll also be running through the Heroic difficulty version of the Halls of Valor dungeon, which will obviously be a much more difficult version of what's currently available in the Legion alpha.

The demonstration will be broadcast on Twitch today at 3PM PT. To view it live, check out the stream below.

Update: If you missed it, here's the archive below.

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