Tekken 7: Fated Retribution video sees red with Rage Attacks

Tekken 7 players will be able to build Rage like never before and a new video is showing a new way to put that Rage to work.


When discussing the upcoming update slated to hit Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's arcade edition in Japan last week, Bandai Namco went into detail on some changes from previous games. That included some refinements to the Rage system. So with characters able to build Rage faster, that means more of a chance to unleash those powerful Rage Arts attacks. Today, the development team has focused on some different elements of the Rage system in a new video.

Rage Attacks are being added as a new feature to the game. These are amplified versions of standard specials, similar to Street Fighter's EX moves and Mortal Kombat's Enhanced moves. What makes Tekken's version of this system stand out is that Rage Attacks can only be used while in Rage mode. That's another reason why Rage can be built faster this time around.

To get a peek at what each character's Rage Attacks looks like, check out the video below. But don't expect to see Street Fighter's Akuma here. He still operates like a standard SF character, so he'll be utilizing EX moves, just like before.

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