Capcom outlines Capcom Pro Tour schedule for Street Fighter 5

With a new Street Fighter coming next week, it's time to outline how the Capcom Pro Tour schedule will pan out.


Street Fighter V is set to arrive next week and with the game's release days away, Capcom has outline how the next year of competitive Street Fighter is shaping up. As part of a live stream outlined on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel, Twitch's Mike Ross and Capcom's Peter 'Combofiend' Rosas revealed the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour schedule.

The Capcom Pro Tour will run across 72 events in four regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. They will include 11 Global Premier Events, Evo 2016, and culminate with this year's Capcom Cup. When the smoke clears, 32 competitors will walk into Capcom Cup, including the 11 Global Premier Event winners, the Evo World Champion, four from select Regional Final events, eight from the Global Points Leaderboards, and eight from the Regional Point Leaderboards (comprising the top two from each of the four regions).

Ross and Rosas also answered a few major questions that this raises. For one thing, if a competitor wins more than one Global Premier Event, an additional Capcom Slot will open up on the Global Points Leaderboards. Secondly, there is no runner-up this time around. Those that come in second or lower in any of the Global Premier Events will not be granted a Capcom Cup slot, as was the case last year. As for how the Regional Final Events, competitors there will be determined by 12 Ranking Events and two Online Events to determine who will compete in these tournaments. The winner of these Regional Finals, as mentioned, will qualify for Capcom Cup.

As for the Global Premiere Events, which will guarantee a Capcom Cup slot to the winner, these are the dates and locations for each:

  • Final Round: Atlanta, GA - March 18-20
  • NorCal Regionals: Sacramento, CA - March 25-27
  • Stunfest: France - May 20-22
  • Dreamhack Summer: Sweden - June 18-21
  • CEO: Orlando, FL - June 24-26
  • G-League: China - July 9
  • Mad Catz TGS: Tokyo, Japan - September 15
  • EGX Rezzed: London, England - September 22-25
  • South East Asia Major 2016: Singapore - October 7-9
  • SoCal Regionals: Los Angeles, CA - October 14-16
  • Canada Cup: Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 28-30

The Capcom Pro Tour begins with Final Round later this month.

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