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Armored Warfare rolls up to a 'Coastal Threat'

The latest update for Armored Warfare introduces the game's first coastal battleground, which will see teams fire at each other along a sandy beach town.


Obsidian Entertainment is working on more than RPGs these days and is still looking to bring tank-busting joy to PC players with the upcoming Armored Warfare. Today introduces a new update that adds a couple of new maps and some intriguing new features to both PvE and PvP.

Coastal Threat takes players to a different environment, setting combat along the coasts for the first time. Players will find a central city, as well as a sandy beach and a charred forest, as the main combat spots, along with several high points for scouting vehicles. Coming in at 1200x1200 meters, there are also ample flanking opportunities, with the bay areas offering ideal firing spots.

The 0.13 update will also introduce a refined matchmaking system, as Armored Warfare will be looking to make finding matches easier. It'll also seek to make those matches more balanced, pitting players of similar levels in the same sessions. As for those looking to get together with friends for some PvE, that game mode's reward system has been revamped to function similarly to the PvP reward system, allowing for greater reward opportunities.

Armored Warfare is still in its early stages of development, but those looking to give it a shot can visit the Armored Warfare website.

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