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The Sims 4 celebrates the franchise's 16th birthday with free anniversary content

The Sims is celebrating its Sweet Sixteen today, so EA and Maxis are offering some free stuff to all Sims 4 players today.


The Sims 4 doesn't appear to be short on premium content, so what is there for any of the game's user base looking for something a little less premium and a little more free? EA and Maxis are answering that question by celebrating the franchise's Sweet Sixteen. Yes, The Sims first debuted on this day in 2000 and it's time to celebrate the series' 16th birthday, so EA and Maxis are offering up some free anniversary content.

The free content will look familiar to anyone that has played classic Sims games, as they all represent a different piece of the previous base games. These include a Tragic Clown painting, to pay homage to the old Tragic Clown from the original Sims; a Plumbob Poster, also from the classic Sims; the Grilled Cheese Aspiration, bringing back those old cravings from The Sims 2; the Kleptomaniac Trait from The Sims 3, to get players watching out for dirty thieves; and the Gardener NPC, who will help cultivate a Sim's garden. That may or may not be coincidence, given that the Romantic Garden Stuff pack is on its way very soon.

EA has also posted a number of fun facts about the franchise as a whole, including the staggering increase in sound files between the original Sims and The Sims 4. Check out that full list over on the EA website.

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