Battleborn adds two new heroes into the star-hunting fray

With a few months to go before Battleborn's release, 2K and Gearbox have revealead two new characters that should fit into a pair of distinctive play styles.


Battleborn is set to launch later this year, but there are still more characters looking to jump into the fray. Today, 2K and Gearbox revealed two more of the game's playable characters, both with some interesting backstories.

Attikus was once a mindless (and tiny-headed) brute used for slavery and hard labor. But with the aid of an experimental biotech harness, Attikus was given intelligence, which means he's ready to put his brute strength to work for him. Meanwhile, Galilea is an undercover agent whose most recent job went horribly awry. Her mission changed on the spot, as she found the Jennerit Empire sustainment tech she was assigned to destroy and instead used it to make herself virtually immortal.

The latest PlayStation.Blog entry details the two characters' attacks. They include:


  • Barefisted Brawling - A powerful punch on its own, but lethal when fully charged.
  • Charged Hook - Delivers a powerful lunging hook, but takes a few seconds to charge up.
  • Pounce - Targets a location, allowing Attikus to leap and ground pound for an intense knockback effect.
  • Hedronic Arc - Uses Attikus' metal arm to electrocute foes.
  • Hedronic Eruption (Ultimate) - Sends shockwaves at enemies, clearing any that are in its path.
  • Hedronic Collector (Passive) - Syphons energy from downed foes, allowing Attikus to apply it towards any of his skills.


  • Wraith's Greatsword - A quick sword slash.
  • Sentinel's Greatshield - A shield that deflects enemy blows and protects allies.
  • Shield Throw - A powerful shield throw that richochets off walls, like a certain Marvel superhero.
  • Desecrate - Galilea will curse a portion of the ground. Any enemy in that vicinity will take extra damage.
  • Abyssal Form (Ultimate) - Galilea explodes into dark energy. This defensive Ultimate allows her to take reduced damage and regenerate a massive amount of health.
  • Corruption (Passive) - The more hits Galilea successfully lands, the more her Corruption aura grows. When fully charged, the Corruption aura will manifest around her and syphon the health of any nearby enemy.

While PlayStation has the story details on both of these characters, they'll be available across all of Battleborn's platforms. For more, be sure to check out the videos below.

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