Microsoft recalls Surface Pro power cords for devices sold prior to March 2015

Did you purchase that Surface Pro prior to March 2015? Then you're going to want to read if you're due a replacement power cord.


Microsoft announced its latest Surface tablet, the Surface Pro 4, several months ago, but today, the company announced it’s recalling the power cords of the original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and “certain” Surface Pro 3 devices.

The recall pertains to AC power cords for all Surface Pro 3 and below tablets that were sold prior to March 15, 2015. If you own a Surface RT, a Microsoft Surface 2, Microsoft Surface 3, or a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 device sold after March 15, as well as the Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft Surface Book, you don’t have to participate in this recall as your power cord should be functioning properly.

If you own one of the Surface devices mentioned above that is part of the recall, Microsoft will likely replace your power cord for free. No proof of damage is required in order to receive your replacement AC power cord, although if there was some kind of damage done, then we’re sure that’ll guarantee you a new cord. As for anything that was damaged as a result? Well - you better get in touch with a lawyer for that.

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