Firewatch prepares for next week's release with mini-trailer barrage

Firewatch is set to arrive next week, so rather than release one trailer, developer Campo Santo has issued four mini-trailers, each showing a unique aspect of the game.


Firewatch is set to arrive next week, so normally around this time, developers would take some time to produce a trailer to create some awareness for their game. Campo Santo is going a step beyond that, offering up four mini-trailers to offer an idea of what the game will be about.

The trailers are light in story, but high on mood and ambience. They also offer another introduction to our main character, who spends most of the story with his only companion: his partner, Delilah, via walkie talkie. It also goes into some of the story mechanics, which includes interacting with objects and dialogue choices.

Firewatch arrives on February 9 on PC and PlayStation 4 with a $19.99 price tag. For an idea of what to expect, here are all four mini-trailers.

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