Bravely Second: End Layer trailer gets some new jobs

Want to know exactly what new jobs will be featured in Bravely Second: End Layer? Nintendo released a trailer to answer that question.


Shacknews recently went hands-on with the upcoming Bravely Second: End Layer and went into some details about some of the game's jobs. As it turns out, that was just the beginning. That's saying a lot, considering one of those jobs includes commanding a fierce army of magical cats. Shortly after our preview went up, a new trailer hit, revealing some of the JPRG sequel's new jobs.

The jobs on display include:

  • Guardian - Party members don bright purple/blue armor and use soul power to attack
  • Exorcist - The power of magic compels you to revert your HP/MP to a previous turn, as the party wears a red/white robe.
  • Wizard - Party members dress in ceremonial black robes. As discussed in our preview, Wizard focuses on spellcraft and enhances physical attacks with elemental power.
  • Charioteer - Party members don Greek-style togas and substitute armor slots for additional weapons. It's weapons on weapons on weapons!
  • Catmancer - Dressed in cat ears (because of course), this puts party members in control of magical felines that can copy enemy attacks.
  • Patissier - This was originally hinted at during our preview, but the party members wear chef suits to bake up some mayhem. These cakes are dangerous and not just because of their high calorie count.
  • Bishop - Wearing traditional bishop robes, party members chant spells twice to double their power. From the sound of it, you'll lose a turn to power up spells, adding to the game's risk/reward motif.
  • Fencer - Party members wear thick fencer jackets. As noted during our preview, Fencers change stances to go from offense to defense, opening up different abilities.
  • Astrologian - Wearing celestial-themed robes, the Astrologian utilizes the power ofo the stars to offer general boosts to the party.

These are the 12 new jobs that will be featured in Bravely Second. There are 18 returning jobs, some of which we went into detail on in our preview. Of course, it should also be noted that certain side quests will require you to pick between jobs, taking one and surrendering the other.

Bravely Second: End Layer is set to hit Nintendo 3DS on April 15 in North America, while Europe gets it at the end of the month. However, the game's demo is set to hit the eShop next week with an original story that allows users to build progress towards the main game. To get a look at the new jobs, watch the trailer below.

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