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The Killer Instinct World Cup will return in 2017

The first Killer Instinct World Cup was a rousing success, so Iron Galaxy and company are ready to do it all again next year!


It's been a wild weekend of action for Killer Instinct. The inaugural Killer Instinct World Cup proved to be far bigger than even fans of the game could have anticipated, thanks to some great production and two days of intense matches. Iron Galaxy agrees, which is why the event will be back for an encore.

Just prior to the Grand Finals, Killer Instinct and the World Cup organizers confirmed that the event would return next year. The stakes will likely be higher, but even if it's on par with this year's event, there will be a lot of money and pride on the line. This year's event offered a $30,000 prize pool, with $10,000 going out to the winner. That winner was fighting game specialist and Killer Instinct expert RicoSuave, who defeated Team Ultra Arcade's My God in convincing fashion.

There's plenty that's about to change in Killer Instinct that should make next year's KI World Cup worth paying attention to. For one thing, the game is about to undergo some major changes for Season 3, which is also set to introduce some new characters (one huge cameo among them). On top of that, an entirely new player base may be ready to enter fray, since KI's PC version is weeks away from debuting.

We'll have the full Grand Finals match available to view as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, there are only a few more hours left to pick up the KI Ultra Combo Edition from Games With Gold.

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