Killer Instinct teases a Halo character for Season 3

Master Chief may be good at finishing fights, but it's looking like the Arbiter is about to start a whole new one.


It's been a very busy day for Killer Instinct, what with Iron Galaxy revealing the game's newest character and also revealing an entire phone book-length list of changes set to come to the game for Season 3. So it's safe to walk away and just enjoy the rest of Killer Instinct World Cup, right? Certainly no more announcements for the day, right?

Oh, you are so wrong, you pitiful creature.

Earlier tonight, Iron Galaxy posted what looks to be the most delicious Killer Instinct tease yet. Yes, even tastier than the eventual Battletoads cameo. This tease appears to be pointing to another new character, one from Microsoft's biggest gaming franchise.

It's only an all-too-short 18-second tease, but it looks like someone from the Halo universe is joining the fight. And from the looks of that familiar-looking energy sword, it's likely that someone is the Arbiter. Season 3 is set to kick off in March, so hopefully, the answers are coming sooner than later.

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