Kim Wu will bring the spirit of the dragon to Killer Instinct Season 3

During a special panel at this year's Killer Instinct World Cup, Iron Galaxy revealed the latest character set to debut during the upcoming Season 3.


The Killer Instinct World Cup rolls on this weekend with a special panel that focused on what's ahead for the revamped fighter. Iron Galaxy revealed a slew of character tweaks for the various Season 2 characters (look for that recap shortly), but the studio ended the presentation with a special glimpse at what's coming in Season 3. And like Season 2 before it, one of the first new characters will be an old friend.

Kim Wu makes her triumphant return from Killer Instinct 2, but with some key differences that are obvious from the outset. In fact, in her own words, "I've got a freakin' dragon!" That precedes a transformation into a powerful warrior, as the trailer tells her brief story of being a chosen savior of the world. Kim Wu can be seen unleashing her own hellish combos, aided by a special pair of nunchuks that are enchanted by the spirit of an ancient dragon. Those nunchuks also feed into her various special moves, which includes a massive projectile.

Kim Wu will be the first of the Season 3 characters to debut later this year. That'll be something for the Xbox One fanbase to look forward to, but also something special for the PC crowd, as Season 3 will hit that platform in March, as well. And as a reminder, if you're looking to get the full Season 1 roster on Xbox One (which does carry over to that eventual PC version), this is your last weekend to do so!

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