Heroes of the Storm videos spotlight Li-Ming and tell the ballad of Space Lord Leoric

A pair of Heroes of the Storm videos have debuted today, one explaining the abilities of new Hero Li-Ming and another telling the epic tale of a new legendary skin.


Blizzard first teased a pair of new Heroes of the Storm characters late last week with the reveal of Li-Ming and Xul. The former is now available in the Public Test Realm (PTR) servers and to celebrate, Blizzard has offered up a new spotlight video and some additional information on Diablo's wizard character.

Li-Ming wants to be a part of the action, as her Critical Mass trait suggests. Taking part in any opponent Takedown immediately refreshes all of her abilities, including Heroics. So keep her in the center of the action. As for what exactly her abilities are, those are as follows:

  • (Q) Magic Missiles - Li-Ming sends out a trio of missiles at her adversaries. The trajectory of the missiles change, depending on the set target.
  • (W) Arcane Orb - A larger orb of energy slowly moves towards a target, damaging it and any nearby enemies. The farther it travels, the more damage it does, all the way up to 300%.
  • (E) Teleport - Transports Li-Ming a short distance. It has a short cooldown, allowing her to move around frequently.
  • (R1) Disintegrate - Taken from Diablo III, this energy beam deals heavy damage for 2.5 seconds and can hit multiple targets. The player cursor controls the beam's direction.
  • (R2) Wave of Force - This deals damage and knocks back any nearby enemies. This one is more about setting up combos for nearby allies.

Look for Li-Ming to lounge around the PTR servers until February 1, at which point she'll hopefully be ready to cast a spell on the masses. Check out the PTR patch notes over on Battle.net.

Today also sees the debut of a new legendary skin for Leoric. This turns the mad king into a rocking space lord. There's an entirely new story behind this particular skin and it's a bit more whacked out than one would imagine. I mean, look at this!

Check out the full ballad of Space Lord Leoric in the video below. His skin is available now in the shop.

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