Homefront: The Revolution begins its 'Resistance' on February 11

It'll take more than one hardened rebel to take back the homeland from hostile forces, so Deep Silver is preparing to bring out a four-player online Resistance mode as part of a closed beta set to kick off in a couple of weeks.


The story of Deep Silver's Homefront: The Revolution involves the United States under foreign subjugation with virtually no hope of being the free nation it once was. But if "Red Dawn" has taught people anything, it's that ragtag rebels can always take the fight to these oppressors, especially if they do so in numbers.

That's why Deep Silver in unveiling Homefront's new online co-op mode, called Resistance Mode. The idea here is for four players to engage in underground guerrilla missions across the sequestered city of Philadelphia. These 12 online missions are meant to complement what's estimated to be a 30-hour single-player campaign. Friends can take the fight to enemies, while also discovering new weapon blueprints and unlocking new skills. If 12 missions sounds a little paltry, developer Dambuster Studios is aiming to add an additional 20 Resistance missions over the course of Homefront's first year.

Xbox One owners will get the opportunity to check out Resistance Mode for themselves as part of a special exclusive closed beta, set to take place from February 11-14. For more information on Resistance Mode, check out the video below and for more on the upcoming beta, visit the Homefront: The Revolution website. The full game is set to hit PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 17.

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