'Endless Day' celebrated with new Endless Legend expansion, Endless Space 2 faction

Amplitude Studios turns five years old today and has announced some new content for a pair of its 'Endless' games.


Amplitude Studios is celebrating its fifth birthday today. The house that the Endless series built has garnered quite a following for those games, so it's giving its fans some new content for a couple of those titles. That includes a new faction for Endless Space 2 and an upcoming new expansion for Endless Legend.

Endless Legend will get a new expansion called Shifters, which will introduce a new major faction called the Allayi. As the expansion's name implies, the Allayi will be able to shift during winters to help them adapt to the harsh new conditions. Players of all factions will also be able to collect a new resource called Pearls of Auriga, which will unlock new powers through the Altar of Auriga to help over the course of those winters. The Shifters expansion is aiming for an April launch.

Meanwhile, Endless Space 2 will get a new faction called the Sophons. The Sophons are a highly-evolved race of aliens, a result of massive radiation increating the rate of mutation. This race developed quickly and has spread across the galaxy, mainly seeking knowledge and to increase its scientific and technological capabilities. While this might indicate strength on the battlefield, the Sophons prefer not to waste resources, as they see war as a wasteful endeavor. Still, they probably shouldn't be pushed. More information on the Sophons can be found on the Endless Space Wiki.

Amplitude Studios is also celebrating its anniversary across Steam, with Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, and Endless Space all on sale for today only.

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