Payday 2 and Goat Simulator crosses over because, sure, why not?

It's the crossover nobody expected or ever knew they needed.


Let's take a trip back in time to when Shacknews spoke to Starbreeze Studios' Almir Listo about Payday 2. During our interview, Shacknews asked about any potential collaborations and received this response:

"I can tell you right now though, that we have one collaboration that will catch everyone off-guard. We're laughing as we're developing it. We hope the Payday community will enjoy the collaboration as much as we did making it happen.

Considering what Payday 2's already thrown out there, what could possibly be so unexpec...

Oh, there it is!

The newest Goat Simulator DLC blends together the crazy open world chaos game with Overkill's heist game. Players will control a goat crew to ransack a giant casino called Mahatma Gambling. Other jobs will be available thorugh the PRANKNET system, a database that connects goats with underworld contacts. There are also some other unlockables available throughout the course of the downloadable campaign.

The Goat Simulator: Payday DLC is available now on Steam with a trailer available below.

But wait? What about Payday 2? Well, Payday 2 is also getting some Goat Simulator-related content in the form of the the Payday 2: Goat Simulator Heist. This will be a special two-day heist, in which the Payday crew heads over to hijack a cocaine truck only to find a different kind of cargo. The second day will see the crew attempting to extract this new cargo, assuming they can keep it all under control. This new DLC will include some new weapons, new songs, and new Goat Simulator-themed masks.

The Payday 2: Goat Simulator Heist is also available now on Steam. To see just how this crossover is going to work, check out the heist page and watch the trailer below.

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