Guitar Hero Live GHTV additions for 1/13: Rock Till You Drop, AAA Metal, and Indie Pop Hits

Featuring Weezer, Marilyn Manson, Joe Satriani, and Nicke... hey, those are some cool indie pop hits in here, too, eh?


Guitar Hero Live has hit the new year running, in terms of getting new videos for its GHTV mode. This week will see the game mode add a handful of new songs, thanks to three debuting Premium Shows, all of which will offer something for just about everyone.

The Rock Till You Drop show kicks things off, offering three new playable videos from Weezer, Joe Satriani, and Nickelback (okay, they can't all be winners, but two out of three isn't bad, right?). The AAA Metal pack offers up some of the big names in metal, led by Marilyn Manson. And finally, there's a trio of Indie Pop Hits, which feature bands that people can point to in a couple of years and say, "I was into them before they were cool."

The threesome of Premium Shows include the following tracks:

Rock Till You Drop

  • Weezer - "Back to the Shack"
  • Joe Satriani - "Shockwave Supernova"
  • Nickelback - "Get 'Em Up"

AAA Metal

  • Marilyn Manson - "Deep Six"
  • Bring Me The Horizon - "Down"
  • Pierce The Veil - "Bulls in The Bronx"

Indie Pop Hits

  • Little Daylight - "Mona Lisa"
  • COIN - "Run"
  • The Colourist - "We Won't Go Home"

For those running low on in-game currency, not looking to spend actual currency, or anyone just plain not in a rush to add Nickelback to their playlist, it's time to issue the weekly reminder. Premium Shows can be purchased for in-game currency and will unlock these tracks for the on-demand catalog. On-demand tracks can also played for in-game currency and will appear in a week. They'll also make their way into the regular GHTV live streaming rotation in two weeks.

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