Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire continues with new chapter in February

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion is ready to continue with an all-new chapter set to debut next month.


Star Wars: The Old Republic began the first part of a whole new story back in October, fast-forwarding the game's timeline and putting players in an all-new role. But Knights of the Fallen Empire has not ended. There's still more to the story and players will get a chance to explore it in February with the next chapter, Anarchy in Paradise.

Anarchy in Paradise will continue the story of the Outlander, who will soon be joined by a new ally known as Firebrand. This character is seeking the destruction of the Eternal Empire, focusing her attacks on Zakuul and Eternal Throne. She'll go to any lengths to meet her goals, so it'll be up to the Outlander to either keep her rage in check or unleash her fury upon the galaxy. Decisions made over the course of the expansion's first installment back in October will also come into play at various points in this chapter.

The Old Republic subscribers will get Anarchy in Paradise and all subsequent Knights of the Fallen Empire chapters for free, while new subscribers can still pick up a level 60 character for jumping in. A new Subscriber Rewards program is also being ushered in, which will include monthly in-game rewards themed to the HK-55 (not to be confused with the HK-47, meatbags) Assassin Droid. Subscribing before January 11 unlocks HK-55 as a permanent Companion, while active subscribers on the first of the month through August will get new gear and weapons, as well as a two-day headstart on any new Knights of the Fallen Empire chapters. Any players that maintain their subscription from January 11 through August 1 will also get access to a special HK-55 mission, in which they can play as the twisted machine itself.

Anarchy in Paradise hits Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire on February 11.

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