Heroes of the Storm ushers in Winter Veil with Lunara

The daughter of Cenarius has entered the Nexus, just in time to celebrate Winter Veil!


Winter Veil is kicking off across all of Blizzard's games. Heroes of the Storm appears to be no exception, with the publisher starting up the annual celebration across the Nexus.

Heroes of the Storm players can now enjoy holiday-themed fun across all of their sessions, which includes a new Festive Treasure Goblin Mount that can be enjoyed for free throughout the season. New Winter Veil skins and bundles are also available for purchase in the game's Shop, which will indeed stack with the current Recruit-A-Friend promotion, so any goodies in the Shop will still run for half-off until the end of the year. Those that prefer to earn their rewards in-game can also pick up Stimpacks for winning 15 and 50 games.

Winter Veil will run from now until January 12. Get into the season with the video below.

Winter Veil has also brought a new Hero to the Nexus. It's the dryad Lunara, who first debuted at this year's Blizzcon! As a reminder, the daughter of Cenarius brings the following abilities into battle:

  • (Q) Noxious Blossom - After 0.5 seconds, an area explodes with pollen, dealing 166 damage.
  • (W) Crippling Spores - Combined with Lunara's Nature's Toxin trait, this ability will extend its poison effect by three seconds. Enemies are also slowed by 40 percent decaying over three seconds, opening the door for teammates to bring the pain.
  • (E) Wisp - A Wisp is spawned to move ahead and scout out an area. Once it's active, it can be redirected, making it ideal for finding any danger looming ahead.
  • (R1) Thornwood Vine - A powerful spear delivers 243 damage to a line of enemies.
  • (R2) Leaping Strike - This move delivers a double whammy, leaping over a target for 379 damage and also slowing the target by 80 percent. The enemy should be in prime position for teammates to finish them off.

Lunara's trait is Nature's Toxin, which poisons targets for up to three seconds, which stacks powerfully with many of her attacks. Check out what she can do in the video below.

And of course, there are plenty of bug fixes and balance tweaks. Those are posted over on Battle.net.

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