Minecraft: Story Mode gets stuck between 'A Block and a Hard Place' on December 22

The fourth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode promises to end the story of the Wither Storm and it now has a release date, along with details about the game's final episode.


A couple of days ago, Telltale hinted at a release window for Minecraft: Story Mode's fourth episode, while also hinting at details on the game's "mysterious" fifth episode. As promised, those details have arrived, with the fourth episode, "A Block and a Hard Place," set to debut on December 22.

Those that have followed Minecraft: Story Mode to this point know that all attempts to halt the Wither Storm's rampage have failed and the creature appears to be unstoppable. Jesse and company have one final hope left and it lays out in the Farlands. Meanwhile, things aren't looking so good for our heroes, as the dire situation has started to take its toll on the team's morale. Telltale is hinting at big sacrifices forthcoming.

As for what those sacrifices will lead to? Players will be able to find that out in Minecraft Story Mode's fifth episode, which is being given an early 2016 release window. Telltale is staying quiet about that episode's contents, only noting that while the Wither Storm's story will end in "A Block and a Hard Place," the fallout will be felt in the game's final episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode will release simultaneously on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, and Amazon. Those that own the retail version of the game will receive the episode via an update. The game is also coming soon to Wii U and Vita.

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