Guitar Hero Live GHTV additions for 11/17: Rival Sons, Lords of Metal, and Pop Punk Perfection

Another handful of songs are making their way into Guitar Hero Live's GHTV mode, including a fresh batch of new concert footage.


Guitar Hero Live has been focused over the past couple of weeks on getting new videos for its GHTV mode. This week is certainly no different, but Activision and FreestyleGames have also added some new concert footage for one of the game's latest Premium Shows.

The Southern California-based band Rival Sons recently put on a live concert. Before they head off to open for Black Sabbath next year, the band contributed footage of that concert for Guitar Hero Live. This will be the first live concert footage that will be introduced to the GHTV mode.

The Rivals Sons tracks include live versions of "Keep On Swinging," "Pressure and Time," and "Electric Man." These tracks are now available on demand and will make their way into the GHTV live programming rotation. More live concerts are coming in the near future, with Activision hinting at upcoming shows from Weezer and Grizfolk, who both performed at the Guitar Hero Live launch party back in October.

A pair of Premium Shows will add some additional new playable music videos to GHTV. These include:

Lords of Metal

  • System of a Down - "Toxicity"
  • Judas Priest - "Painkiller"
  • Bullet For My Valentine - "Tears Don't Fall"

Pop Punk Perfection

  • Sum 41 - "Fatlip"
  • Four Year Strong- "Just Drive"
  • Tonight Alive - "Lonely Girl"

As a reminder, Premium Shows can be purchased for in-game currency and will unlock these tracks for the on-demand catalog. On-demand tracks can likewise be played for in-game currency, but they'll also make their way into the regular GHTV live streaming rotation.

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