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Game of Thrones season finale launch trailer recaps the series' toughest choices

Choice is often not easy in a Telltale game, but Game of Thrones has provided some truly tough ones. To get an idea, the season finale launch trailer offers a recap of some of the biggest choices across the past five episodes.


Telltale has gradually grown bolder in its storytelling efforts and it's definitely gone a lot farther in making sure decisions in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series truly matter. The launch trailer for the game's final episode is up now and its main purpose is to recap just the kind of gutwrenching choices that players have had to make over the course of the past five episodes. Some of the big choices have been landslides for one side, but other decisions have been intensely close.

Now if there's anything anyone should know about Game of Thrones fans, it's that they're very touchy when it comes to spoilers. With that said, there are indeed SPOILERS contained in the trailer below. So for anyone yet to play through the story that plans to do so, come back another time. For those that are all caught up, check out the video below and get a first glimpse at the season finale, which is set to relase tomorrow across all available platforms.

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