PlayStation Experience will feature playable Far Cry Primal, Drawn to Death, Firewatch, and more

Sony has listed over 100 games set to hit the PlayStation Experience floor in December, with many of those titles available for the general public to try out for the first time.


Given what was available from the folks at PlayStation at last year's PlayStation Experience, it stands to reason that this year's event will feature some of the biggest games set to release for the platform in 2016. And it does stand to reason that those games will be playable by the general public. Today, Sony released a robust list of over 100 playable games at this year's PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, which will include a first hands-on opportunity for several high-profile releases.

The most notable game on the vast 100+ title list on PlayStation.Blog is arguably Far Cry Primal, which was just unveiled in October. This will be the installment of the series that takes players to the prehistoric past. The game is set to release on February 23, but this appears to be the general public's first crack at a playable demo.

It should also be noted that David Jaffe's Drawn to Death will also be playable on the floor. This will be the first chance for the public to try out Drawn to Death since its initial reveal at last year's PlayStation Experience. The competitive shooter from the Twisted Metal creator takes place on a paper environment, with a teenager's doodles all duking it out for supremacy.

And of course, there are several other major games of interest for 2016, like Dark Souls 3, Gravity Rush Remastered, Ratchet & Clank, Street Fighter V, the new Hot Shots Golf, and the PlayStation 4 version of Heavy Rain. There are also a lot of notable smaller games that may not necessarily be on people's radars just yet, like the engaging retro roguelike shooter Enter the Gungeon, the exploration adventure Firewatch, the musical Sentris, the gorgeous underwater journey Abzu, and the new King of Fighters XIV.

PlayStation Experience will take place on December 5-6 from San Francisco.

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