Join Shacknews for Extra Life 2015 this weekend! Watch the full stream here!

Joe Tirado and the rest of our Shacknews family will be joining in the effort to raise money for charity throughout the weekend. Join us for Extra Life 2015 this year, where we'll be joined by special guests, host fun giveaways, play with our community, and raise money for the children.


Saturday, November 7 marks the beginning of Extra Life Game Day, in which many people associated with gaming, be they big-time gaming personalities or the average Twitch streamer, take 24 hours to stream video games in an effort to raise money for honorable charities. Once again, Shacknews is taking part in the festivities this year.

Shacknews began with a modest goal of $3000, but our hearts have already grown ten sizes bigger, as our devoted community and reader base has already helped up surpass the $10,000 mark. We are now setting our sights bigger throughout the day and, with your help, we believe we can even surpass the $31,210 we raised during last year's event.

Join us today, as Show Important's Joe Tirado and the rest of our Shacknews video crew, along with our Chatty community, band together, starting at 5AM PT. The streams will go on throughout the entire weekend, so join us for games like Elite: Dangerous, Kerbal Space Program, WWE 2K16, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Fibbage, and many more.

We'll also be giving away codes to a number of games throughout the day. Be sure to stay tuned throughout the day for a chance to receive copies of Mega Man Legacy Collection, Shovel Knight, Knight Squad, Don't Starve Together, Runbow, Affordable Space Adventures, Pinball FX 2's Balls of Glory pack, and many more! Shacknews would like to offer its sincerest thanks to Capcom, Chainsawesome Games, Yacht Club Games, Zen Studios, 13AM Games, Knapnok Games, and all of our friends that we'll be expressing our gratitude to throughout the day.

For those that wish to donate to the Children's Specialized Hospital in New Jersey, be sure to visit our Extra Life campaign page. And be sure to join us on Twitch or watch the full stream below.

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