Invisible, Inc. launches its 'Contingency Plan' next week

With the task of overthrowing corporations getting harder, the Invisible, Inc. agency is launching its 'Contingency Plan' expansion that features new upgrades and new Agents. But they won't be the only ones getting upgraded.


Invisible, Inc. has been infiltrating dangerous facilities since for nearly six months, longer if one considers its stint in Steam Early Access. But the efforts to overthrow the all-powerful corporate overlords that control the world can get rather complicated, which is why Klei is deploying a new 'Contingency Plan' in the form of new expansion.

'Contingency Plan' will add four new Agents to the Invisible, Inc. roster, all with new abilities and augments that allow for new ways to infiltrate those corporations. But the Agency won't be the only ones upgrading, as the enemy corporations will also expand their rosters with new units, abilities, and upgraded guards. Additional challenges and side objectives will be added throughout the campaign, as well as ten entirely new levels of mission difficulty.

Invisible, Inc.'s 'Contingency Plan' expansion will arrive on November 12 for $4.99.

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