Pokken Tournament trailer steps into the ring with Pikachu Libre and Shadow Mewtwo

The latest Pokken Tournament trailer is out, showing off a couple of new fighters ready to hit the arena, including a lucha libre-themed Pikachu and an incarnation of Mewtwo that looks to be badder than ever.


In Pokken Tournament, there's nothing quite as Super Effective as a fist to the face or a roundhouse to the head. Yet, the Psychic-type Pokemon are still looking to lord over all comers, even in the fighting arena. And there's no Psychic-type mightier than the lab-created creature known as Mewtwo. Today's latest trailer for the Pokemon fighting game debuts the psychic powerhouse, as well as another new challenger in the form of a wrestling Pikachu.

The new trailer shows off about two minutes of Tekken-style fighting, along with a number of standard Pokemon attacks. That leads into the debut of Pikachu Libre, a masked Pikachu that implements wrestling-style moves, like Body Slam, into its arsenal.

The trailer ends with the all-too-brief appearance of Shadow Mewtwo, a new twist on the 151st Pokemon. It's even more powerful than before and will most likely act as the game's final boss character.

Check out the full Pokken Tournament trailer below. The game is making its way through Japanese arcades, but it is on its way to Wii U in Spring 2016.

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