Rock Band 4 legacy DLC fixes are trickling in on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Legacy DLC implementation has been a cumbersome process for Rock Band 4. Today, Harmonix has offered an update with a couple of fixes that should make things a little easier.


Rock Band 4 hasn't exactly made finding legacy DLC from previous games an easy task. That may not be Harmonix's fault entirely, since much of this can be attributed to hardware limitations, but that was certainly of no comfort to Rock Band users that had to sit in front of their TV for hours to track down every individual track. And that's assuming the tracks were working correctly. With all that said, Harmonix has made some progress today across both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Xbox One users can breathe a big sigh of relief, because users can now download previously-purchased bundles, rather than have to download single tracks. Rock Band 4 owners can now search the Xbox Store by bundle name and download in one go. But remember, there are still bundles that may show up at full price, even though they've been previously purchased. Harmonix is instructing users to back out of that screen, as it is still working with Microsoft to resolve these outstanding issues. Harmonix is also looking to resolve issues with previously-purchased packs of songs that have had their licenses lapse. Stay tuned.

Turning to PlayStation 4, there's been an ongoing "No Content Found" error that some have been experiencing. Anyone that encounters this issue is being instructed to hit the PS button twice to allow the My Downloads screen to refresh. For users that are not seeing their tracks in-game, they are being instructed to double-check their Library and My Add-Ons to make sure everything has been installed properly. In addition to this, Harmonix is stating that Queen Pack 01 and Rock Band Blitz tracks should be ready to go, with users instructed to hit the PlayStation Store and hit the Restore Licenses selection.

For some, this process has been about as difficult as tuning a guitar with scissors, but Harmonix is continuing to fine tune this process over the coming weeks. For more information, be sure to visit the Harmonix website.

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