Halloween 2015: H1Z1 adds pumpkin-headed zombies and more

How do things get anymore frightening during the zombie apocalypse? Well, just add a few pumpkins and an inkling of random chance, as H1Z1 is demonstrating.


If the zombie apocalypse has broken around the world, how can things possibly get any scarier? Daybreak Games is looking to answer that question with the latest Halloween event for H1Z1. The answer looks to involve scary costumes on top of the already-scary zombies. But this costume is no mere aesthetic feature, making this new zombie variant something to truly fear.

Players in Survival mode should beware of zombies with pumpkins on their heads. It is immune to projectiles, so emptying a clip into its fruity noggin will yield no effect. Only melee strikes will take it down, but even then, this is a tricky proposition. Killing a pumpkin-headed zombie will either grant players special loot or cast a curse upon them. The treat is its mask. The trick... let's not think about that.

Those in Battle Royale mode can find a scarecrow mask sprinkled into airdrop crates. Remember that crates are first-come, first-serve, so if you're looking to make a mad dash to grab a mask, remember that other players will have the same idea and will likely try and take you down to get to it themselves.

The H1Z1 Halloween event is running right now and is set to go until November 13.

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