Halloween 2015: ARK: Survival Evolved becomes ARK: Fear Evolved

Because even dinosaurs can have zombies!


Even the dinousaurs celebrate Halloween, as it turns out. Studio Wildcard is certainly about to do so with its first Halloween event for ARK: Survival Evolved. But how can the prehistoric era possibly celebrate a holiday centered around the dead when nothing has died yet? First off, that's not entirely true. There is a dead species of dinosaur out there, one called the DodoRex.

The DodoRex is a dangerous undead creature, often flanked by other dinosaur zombies, because yes, even dinosaurs have zombies. Players will have to watch out for those, as well as reanimated Skelesaurs that are roaming the world. While the world has become more dangerous, it's also become filled with new loot, like scarecrows filled with thatch, Jack-o-Lanterns, costumes, and other loot drops. However, if the idea of undead dinos intrigues you, the Zomdodos are tameable.

ARK: Fear Evolved is set to run through this Wednesday.

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