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Payday 2 begins the 'Road to Crimefest' today

It's almost time to celebrate Payday 2's annual Crimefest event and that means it's time to hit the 'Road to Crimefest' with a new event that takes the heisters into some unfamiliar territory.


There was once a time where the Payday 2 cast was more concerned about robbing banks and avoiding the police. But the game's next big update is about to think much bigger and more... archaeological. Overkill Software is ready to celebrate Payday 2's fourth anniversary by unleashing the Road to Crimefest update, which will see the game's band of masked thieves go searching for ancient treasure.

The story sees Bain uncovering details on an ancient treasure hunter named Cagliostro, who kept his ill-gotten gains in an unexplored dungeon. The thieves will follow Bain into the dungeon and search for all of the treasure kept within, all the while keeping an eye out for its numerous death-dealing traps.

For the Road to Crimefest, the Payday 2 community will have the opportunity to complete various challenges dished out by developer Overkill. Completing challenges will lead to new loot and features that will be doled out during the proper Crimefest, which will kick off on October 15. Overkill is not saying for sure whether this update will eventually hit the Payday 2: Crimewave Edition console versions.

For more on what the Road to Crimefest will entail, check out the video below and visit the event website. Credit to poster NFXSFX for the lead.

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