Halo 5's Warzone multiplayer will add CCG-inspired REQ system

Halo 5: Guardians' Warzone multiplayer is about to add an extra degree of complexity with the addition of the new REQ system, an idea inspired by collectible card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. Need further explanation? Allow a Nick Offerman-voiced cartoon Spartan to elaborate.


When Shacknews took a look at Halo 5: Guardians' new Warzone multiplayer mode, the potential was there for a deeper Halo multiplayer experience. And 343 Industries does indeed appear to be going deeper by introducing a new reward system to Halo 5 multiplayer called REQs.

Short for Requisitions, REQs are collectibe card packs that offer rewards for use in multiplayer sessions. They're mostly for use in Warzone, where using a weapon card will put it in your character's loadout or using a vehicle card will deploy it from within your team's home base.

"When we first started working on the REQ system almost three years ago, it began with a pitch from the team," 343 studio head Josh Holmes explains on Halo Waypoint. "We have a number of people here at 343 that are fans of Collectible Card Games (CCGs), in both physical and digital form. In fact if you walk into the kitchen on any given day, odds are good you will find a group huddled around the table, playing Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone or another similar game. The initial pitch for the REQ system was simple: let's create a deep reward system for the game that allow players to collect items from a large pool of compelling content, delivered in a series of randomized packs. We wanted the system to produce the same joy and excitement that comes from opening a booster pack of and discovering a rare card inside. The system would need to bridge all of our multiplayer experiences in Halo 5, and should provide an inventory of weapons, vehicles and power-ups to be used for the dynamic deployments that are featured in our new Warzone mode.

Players will earn REQ Points throughout their multiplayer sessions, which includes both Arena and Warzone. These REQ Points can be redeemed for REQ Packs that can contain single-use (think heavy weapons or vehicles) or permanent (cosmetic stuff, like helmets and emblems) items. While the REQs are ultimately meant for Warzone, the cosmetic items can be used in Arena, as well. All of these REQs will be classified by rarity, so use those Ultra Rare or Legendary cards wisely. Most importantly, players in Warzone must up their REQ level to access their more powerful REQs, so it won't be possible to summon a giant Scorpion tank out of the gate and wreck the game balance.

REQ Packs can also be purchased with real-world money, but at the rate that REQ Points come in, a real-money expense may ultimately prove unnecessary.

Need a more animated explanation? Check out the video below from "Mister Chief," voiced by a certain Mr. Nick Offerman. Halo 5: Guardians is set to release on October 27.

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      If you haven't watched this video yet, do it for Nick Offerman.

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        LOL that was awesome :) , nice vid what a great idea to explain things like that and make it really baby like.

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        I loved "shut you pie hole adults talking here" so good.

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