TGS 2015: Street Fighter 5 brings back Karin and introduces the Capcom Fighters Network

Another new character is entering into the Street Fighter V arena, with Capcom revealing that Karin Kanzuki will make her return from Street Fighter Alpha 3.


It's been a busy few weeks for Street Fighter V, in terms of new character additions. The second one in the last week has been unveiled by Capcom during the opening days of this year's Tokyo Game Show and it's another unexpected return. It's Karin Kanzuki, making her first appearance in a Street Fighter game since Street Fighter Alpha 3.

The Capcom-Unity blog has the full story on this fighter. The young heiress brings her own "Kanzuki style" to the table, which allows her to get all kinds of strikes out. She also has a new dash that allows her to close distances quickly, opening the door for throws and the like. Her Meioken V-Skill move runs right through projectiles and strikes the opponent for a knockdown, allowing her to set up her Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata V-Trigger. This leads into her Guren Ken move that opens with a powerful strike, but allows Karin to follow-up in a multitude of ways, making it one of the more unpredictable V-Triggers out there.

Capcom also unveiled the Capcom Fighters Network, which will add a slew of online features to Street Fighter V, including features that allow users to find rivals, dig up replays, and follow players and tournament-level competitors.

For those at Tokyo Game Show, Karin is playable right now. For everyone else, there's the trailer below. Street Fighter V is coming in 2016 to PlayStation 4 and PC.

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