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Payday 2 and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare each get crossover content this weekend

Payday 2 is about to get some Chivalry and vice-versa with each game getting new content from the other.


Can anyone think of anything less chivalrous than robbing banks blind and shooting at police while making a clean getaway? That's not chivalrous at all! And yet, Payday 2 is about to get a heavy dose of Chivalry and vice-versa with a special crossover promotion between Overkill Software's heist game and Torn Banner's Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Payday 2 will get the Gage Chivalry Pack DLC, which will include an all-new heist. Teams will be looking to loot the McKendrick Museum of Ancient Art and abscond with a bundle of medieval weapons and armor. Appropriately enough, heisters will have some medieval-themed weapons to help out, including the English Longbow, the Light Crossbow, the Heavy Crossbow, Javelin, Morning Star, Great Sword, Bearded Axe, and Buckler Shield. And what would a Payday 2 add-on be without new masks? More information on the Gage Chivalry Pack can be found on the Payday 2 website, as well as in the trailer below.

As for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, that game will receive a slew of Payday 2-themed helms based on the Overkill characters. However, there's also more free content coming, which developer Torn Banner is looking to reveal tomorrow. More information on those contents can be found on the Chivalry website. Chivalry is also going on sale on Steam this weekend.

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