Battlefield Hardline will get free weapons and gadgets with 'Robbery' expansion

A premium expansion is set to hit Battlefield Hardline next month, but not everything in it will drain your wallet. Today, EA and Visceral detailed what's set to hit in a free update around that same time.


With Battlefield 4 set to receive a major update next month, that may lead some to ask what's become of the more recent Battlefield game from Visceral Games? Battlefield Hardline isn't quite finished yet, either, since that game's next major content, called Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, is coming next month. Today, EA and Visceral detailed some new goodies set to come to all players over the course of that update.

The Battlefield Hardline website points to some new SMG weaponry for all classes that can penetrate body armor, as well the classic Carbine rifle, which operates closer to the Carbine rifle from older Battlefield games. New individual weapons for each class will also debut. The Operator will get an Assault rifle that fire 5.56mm x 45mm rounds, the Enforcer will get a semi-automatic 12-gauge Shotgun, the Professional will get a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle that fires .416 rounds, and the Mechanic will get a 9mm SMG. The FR Mask will also be made available for the Operator, which can help reduce fire damage.

The Battlefield Hardline: Robbery update was unveiled earlier this month and include four new maps (The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7), a new Squad Heist game mode, new expansion-exclusive weapons and gadgets, and more. Details on the new weapons and gadgets can also be found on the Battlefield Hardline website. The new update will become available to Battlefield Hardline Premium members in September and will be available for purchase shortly after. The weapons and gadgets revealed today will be added to the game around that time as a free update.

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