Fable Legends' PC version will be a Windows 10 store exclusive

Sorry, Steam users. It appears the only way you can play Fable Legends is by dipping a toe into the Windows 10 store.


Lionhead Studios has revealed Fable Legends will be exclusive to the Windows 10 store, thus making it unavailable on competing platforms, such as Steam.

Lionhead Studios’ social media coordinator Lauren Carter responded to a fan’s question asking if Fable Legends would be available on Steam or in the Windows 10 store. “It will be available on Windows 10 but not steam,” she responded on Twitter.

We learned earlier this year Fable Legends will be a free-to-play game when it releases in holiday 2015. To hear it’ll be exclusive to the Windows 10 store, and thus the Xbox Marketplace for the Xbox One version, isn’t completely surprising. Microsoft has perfectly good digital marketplaces it can use to host Fable Legends on, and it would be much easier to charge microtransactions through it rather than giving Valve a piece of that pie on Steam.

We wouldn’t be surprised if future Microsoft-published Windows 10 games also become exclusive to the Windows 10 store. We’re looking at you, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

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