Disney Infinity 3.0 adds Marvel Battlegrounds set, new figures, and more

It was a no-brainer that Disney Infinity would be a part of the D23 Expo panel on Disney gaming and, as expected, some new figures have joined the party. The game is also slated to get some new Play Sets, including a new one for the Marvel super heroes.


There certainly wasn't going to be a D23 Expo panel on Disney gaming without Disney Interactive's flagship franchise. Disney Infinity 3.0 was a part of today's presentation and the publisher has revealed the latest figures to join the game, which is set to release in just a couple of weeks.

Today also marked the debut of the Twilight of the Republic Play Set trailer. The trailer focused on a number of prequel-era characters like Darth Maul and bounty hunter Cad Bane.

The Marvel Battlegrounds was also revealed, which would welcome in all of the Marvel figures for a standalone story. This story will feature four-player co-op for the first time in the franchise. More on this play set is expected to be revealed later this year.

New set pieces are also being added to the Disney Toy Box, which includes the Walt Disney/Mickey Mouse statue and a number of other pieces based on Disney theme parks. The Toy Box will also receive new pieces based on Disney Cruise Lines.

Finally, there was one new figure revealed today. Peter Pan will join the Disney Infnity roster next year, with the Disney Infinity team noting that a new fan-requested figure would be added during each year's Annual Toy Box summit. That was followed by the reveal for Spot from the upcoming Disney/Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. Four power discs based on the film will also release, allowing users to add new set pieces to the Toy Box. Judy and Nick from Zootopia are also set to be added. Star Wars fans will also be thrilled to see figures with glowing lightsabers.

The presentation concluded with the Ultimate Unlock for Disney Infinity 3.0, which requires players to collect every single figure. That unlock is the Keyblade, from the Kingdom Hearts series.

But wait! As it turns out, there was still one more reveal: two new figures based on the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. More informaiton on the Play Set based on the film will be revealed later.

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