Evolve welcomes Trapper Jack to Hunting Season 2 today

2K and Turtle Rock Studios have revealed a new Trapper Hunter, Jack, is now available to download in Evolve's Hunting Season 2.


2K and Turtle Rock Studios have announced a new Trapper class Hunter, Jack, is now available for Evolve.

Jack is equipped with two sets of dual-wield pistols, can track and trap Monsters with a hacked Survey Satellite, and uses his Repulsor glove to stop Monsters in their tracks. He’s also the only Hunter that can retain his movement speed while firing his weapons, making him quite agile.

A new map is also being made available today exclusively for Arena Mode called Murder Pits. The map features a giant pit-fighting stadium that presents a different, unique challenge to players depending on their location within the arena.

Jack is now available for those who own Evolve Hunting Season 2 and will be available for individual purchase later today.

The second season of Evolve kicked off in late June where players were able to play as Lennox, the latest Assault class Hunter. Jack marks the second Hunter to be released, meaning we should now expect two additional Hunters and one new Monster to be released some time in the future.

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