Galactic Civilizations 3 patch adds 3D printing and Steam Workshop for maps

Galactic Civilizations III just got a hefty new patch that adds, among other things, Steam Workshop support for maps, as well as the option to send your custom ship out for a 3D print.


Galactic Civilizations III has received its latest patch, adding a batch of balance tweaks and visual improvements. It's even adding in some new Mega Events for the future. But the biggest additions come in the customization department, in more ways than one. Steam Workshop will open the door for custom maps, while players will also get the option to take their custom ships and create 3D prints for their collection.

The 3D printing sector is a growing endeavor in video games with Galactic Civilizations III arguably one of the bigger games to take advantage of this technology to date. Players that wish to create 3D models of their custom ships will have an in-game option to take their vessel directly to company Sculpteo. Prices for the 3D print vary depending on the material used. Meanwhile, Steam Workshop will add support for maps. This comes in addition to the current support for custom ships and factions already available.

As for Mega Events, these are galaxy-wide challenges that task players with tackling new planets, enemies, or resources. They will feature conditions found outside of normal gameplay, adding anomalies, wormholes, entirely new worlds, and different-spawning resources, among other things. Mega Event frequency can be adjusted under the Game Settings menu.

All of the 1.2 patch changes, including notable bug fixes, can be found on the Galactic Civilizations III forums.

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