Gamescom 2015: Heroes of the Storm gets three new Heroes and Infernal Shrines battleground

It's time for the next stage in Heroes of the Storm's Eternal Conflict update, as Blizzard unveiled what's next during its Gamescom 2015 press briefing. Get ready for three new characters and an all-new Battleground.


There's no way Blizzard was about to leave its breakthrough MOBA on American soil. The publisher did indeed have some news regarding Heroes of the Storm and its continuing Eternal Conflict update. Just weeks after unleashing the evil King Leoric, the update's next stage has arrived in the form of the game's latest character, the Diablo Monk, who will now go by the name Kharazim.

Kharazim will act as a melee support character and, as hinted during Shacknews' E3 interview with Blizzard, he will be the game's first character to have two distinct selectable traits.

But that isn't all, as Blizzard also revealed the next Heroes of the Storm battleground, called the Infernal Shrines. Also inspired by the world of Diablo, this battleground also utilizes the duality of heaven and hell as its main motif. However, the main objective appears to revolve around spires, as well as summoning some of the great demons of Diablo lore.

Both Kharazim and the Infernal Shrines trailers can be seen below.

Is that still not enough? Well, it appears that Blizzard has also unveiled some more new characters. Hearthstone players love to hate him. It's the mighty Hunter, Rexxar. And representing the world of StarCraft, it's Artanis, who will act as the series' first warrior representative.

More information on all of these reveals can be found on Release date information was not provided, but Blizzard will go into more detail during a public stream this Friday at 9AM PT.

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