Summer Games Done Quick 2015: Day 6 Highlights and Day 7 Runs to Watch

Summer Games Done Quick 2015 ends tonight, but first, Shacknews takes a look back at yesterday's best runs before suggesting the ones to watch today.


If you missed them, be sure to check out highlights from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 of Summer Games Done Quick 2015.

This is it! It's the final day for Summer Games Done Quick 2015. Games Done Quick will wrap up its fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders today and will look to reach the $1 million mark. Shacknews is looking back at the best highlights across the week and here are the best runs from Friday.

Day 6 Highlights

Dustforce DX (PC)

Dustforce DX had all the potential in the world to steal the show and it did just that on Friday morning. Speed runner Calistus not only showed off the quickest way to polish off some of the most difficult levels in the game, he also found a slew of secret levels that most casual players have never even seen. It was an incredible show and one that's worth catching.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Super NES)

It was hard to pick from the Mario block, especially with some truly incredible races from Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Sunshine, and Luigi's Mansion. So why pick The Lost Levels runthrough? To be honest, much of it was because of pure entertainment factor. Streamer GameJO6 (a.k.a. Big John) was one of the most entertaining runners of the week, offering both informative commentary and a sharp wit throughout his time. He made sure to explain the differences between the Super Mario All-Stars version of this game and the 8-bit original, as well as walk everyone through the intense difficulty of Worlds 1 through D. Big John deserves all props, so catch his run below.

Day 7 Runs to Watch

Dark Souls II (PC) - 10:03AM PT

From Software's series of 'Souls' games has confounded (and enthralled) the Shacknews Chatty community for the past couple of years, mostly for its high difficulty and the constant need to regroup and get stronger. So it'll be interesting to watch a speed run for Dark Souls II, since the "YOU DIED" messages will need to be kept to a minimum.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 100% no-glitch run (Super NES) - 12:43PM PT

Many of the older generation games have seen their speed runs defined by glitches and often-unseen shortcuts. However, through the generosity of the SGDQ donors, there will be no shortcuts for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Speed runner Xeina will run through the game in its entirety, targeting a time under two hours. So for those looking for an abbreviated, yet complete look at an all-time classic, tune in just before 1PM.

Super Metroid race (Super NES) - 5:18PM PT

As has so often been the case with Games Done Quick, the final day will feature a Super Metroid run. This year, runners David Clemens, Oatsngoats, Zoast, and Straevaras will all engage in a four-way race to see who can complete Samus' most memorable 2D adventure the fastest. This run will also determine the fate of Super Metroid's animals. Will they live or will they die? The answer was in the hands in the SGDQ donors and the viewers will witness the answer for themselves later tonight.

Summer Games Done Quick will air all week on Twitch. To donate, be sure to visit the Games Done Quick website.

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