Stuff That Sucks: Pixels

You knew this was coming.


It’s been nearly two months since Greg has had something to rant about in his Stuff that Sucks segment, which may be a new record considering how much he loves to rant. But this past weekend, Pixels came out, causing him to relapse.

This week’s Stuff that Sucks focuses primarily on Pixels. We knew it would suck, but just how much? Find out in Greg’s video.

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    July 29, 2015 2:30 PM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Stuff That Sucks: Pixels

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      July 29, 2015 2:54 PM

      This is an accurate statement and I've just seen the previews.

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      July 29, 2015 4:41 PM

      I'll give you credit for actually watching it first at least

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      July 29, 2015 4:46 PM


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      July 29, 2015 5:02 PM

      you forgot an important part of the video (unless it was at the end). Futurama already did this movie at least 10 years ago, and did the whole thing in 5-8 minutes.

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      July 29, 2015 6:15 PM

      This is no Greg! Impostor!

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      July 29, 2015 7:57 PM

      Ok, I saw Pixels, and I liked it...I keep reading all these 'it's horrible' articles, and I just don't get what's so bad about it. I didn't go in expecting Schindler's List- I went in after having just watched Blended, and that's about what I expected. I chuckled a few times in Pixels. Saw it in 3D, and loved the visuals. Don't get what was wrong with the acting; what did you expect? What I don't like here is this 'gamers need to band together' bit, as if we're of a hive mind, and I should be ashamed, or as if I'm not a real gamer for liking this movie. My pick for a bad videogame related movie? Silent Hill Revelation, or Alone in the Dark. Pixels was ok.

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        July 30, 2015 12:42 AM

        I haven't seen this partiuclar pile of shit, but the probloem with most of adam sandlers recent cash makers is they're missing essential elements that all movies have. They have no arcs, no character motivations, no set ups for the jokes.

        They have a concept, and they have actors, and they have scenes and they go about 90 minutes. But they're not films, there's no engaging elements within them. Sometimes you'll get a throwaway half joke that doesn't really make sense and definitely doesn't go anywhere.

        It's like the scary movie films, but without anything to parody. It's just empty.

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