Life is Strange sheds light on the 'Dark Room' on July 28

The fourth episode for Life is Strange is set to release next week and the tension is rising, if the episode's launch trailer is any indication.


Life is Strange is in a far different place going into its next episode than it was when it started. Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment are maintaining the game's episodic release schedule, which means that Episode 4: Dark Room will be ready next week. To prepare players, a new trailer has been released.

This trailer gives off much more of a horror vibe than previous ones, as it looks to focus more on Max Caulfield's powers and what they mean for her world. It makes no mention of the previous episode's cliffhanger, so no need to worry about spoilers on that end. But it does spell out further intrigue in regards to whatever it is that's approaching Arcadia Bay.

Dontnod's effort has been getting consistently better with each episode. Whether 'Dark Room' can maintain that pace remains to be seen. Life is Strange's fourth episode will hit on July 28. For those that need a reminder of the storylines that are worth following, remember to ask these burning questions.

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