Humble Bundle goes 'Jumbo' for charity with Space Engineers, Mercenary Kings, and more

It's a bundle of massive proportions with Humble Bundle offering its latest Humble Jumbo Bundle for charity, which includes games like Mercenary Kings, Space Engineers, and The Stanley Parable.


For the latest Humble Bundle, things are going super-sized. They're going gigantic. They're going jumbo. All of the games featured for the Humbo Jumbo Bundle 4 are being described as games bigger than the sum of their parts and it's hard to argue that on some of the games.

Pay what you want for Outland Special Edition, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, and Mercenary Kings. Paying more than the average $4.48 will also include Endless Space Emperor Edition, The Stanley Parable, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, and more games to be named later. Paying more than $18 also packs in the Steam Early Access build of Space Engineers.

The big games are also supporting big charities, with proceeds that can be put towards Save the Children and charity: water. Humble Jumbo Bundle 4 will last until August 4 at 11AM PT.

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